An online journalist will often curate others’ work.

Guardian website

The Guardian uses video and tweets to detail Jeremy Clarkson’s prior gaffs

This might mean pulling together what others have said, posted or written about a news event; itemising related facts; or dredging up previous examples of something similar. Often these are presented as a list.

You might take snippets from news sources’ websites, tweets from those involved or watchers/commentators, videos from broadcasters and news outlets, YouTube videos from the public, photos posted on social media. Many of these will provide the embed code.

Validate and verify

Your job is to find, validate (because curating false or inaccurate content is embarrassing), embed and clearly label/credit the content. You might also write short linking content or descriptions. Your commentary can often be chatty, opinionated or jokey.

Whereas lists in print might have included three, five or possibly ten things, lists online can be any number – the stranger the number the better – and much longer.


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